Factory Floor Tiles

Flooring solutions for your Factory - Heavy duty floor tiles for large spaces

Factory Flooring

Factory floor tiles

Interlocking Tiles For Factories

Tough factory floor tiles for heavy duty application. The MotoLock tiles are designed to take high static or dynamic loads which are ideal for material movement or stores applications. The floor tiles have been tested and will handle racking and fork-lift truck movements. Create walkways, work zones or coloured areas using our huge colour range of factory floor tiles.

Lay a big space quickly and easily, quicker than applying paint or coatings - saving you time. The MotoLock tiles are insulate against sound, vibration and thermal loss. Also the tiles are resistant to abrasion, impact and the penetration of liquids including oils and solvents.

The MotoLock factory tiles are available in a new PVC or Recycled material. The MotoLock Recycled floor tiles are available in a Black colour or shades of Grey. The Recycled MotoLock Factory Tiles are at a lower price than the new PVC material tiles and you also have the option to mix and match the MotoLock floor tiles and ramps.

Our alternative factory tile that we offer is the MotoMat tile which are designed to absorb shock, noise, are suitable for all weathers and extreme temperatures. With the MotoMat interlocking tile you can create Black or Hi-Viz Yellow safety ramp edging.

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Best Selling Factory Floor Tiles

Yellow Diamond Plate
Factory Tiles

Yellow Diamond Plate Factory Flooring

£8.75 (ex VAT) Shop Now ▶
Light Grey Recycled Diamond Plate
Factory Tiles

Light Grey Recycled Diamond Plate Floor Tile For Your Factory

£6.59 (ex VAT) Shop Now ▶
Black Diamond Plate (Anti Fatigue)
Factory Tiles

Black Diamond Plate MotoMat For Your Factory

£3.99 (ex VAT) Shop Now ▶
Black Recycled Cointop
Factory Tiles

Black Recycled Cointop For Your Factory

£6.10 (ex VAT) Shop Now ▶

Tools and Information For Your Factory Flooring

DIY Floor Designer

Check out MotoLock Floor Designer Tool

A layout planner tool for MotoLock Heavy Duty Tiles. Each square on the grid represents one MotoLock tile.

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Cost Calculator

Calculator The Total Cost Of Your Factory Floor Space

Calculate the cost of your factory floor project. Just input your factory floor dimensions and get an estimated total cost

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How To Install Your Factory Floor Tiles

How To Install The MotoLock Product From Mototile

A guide to installing your factory flooring using the MotoLock or MotoMat product.

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Finishing Touches To Your Factory

Yellow Cointop
Factory Ramp

Yellow Cointop Factory Ramp

£4.95 (ex VAT) Shop Now ▶
Yellow MALE MotoMat
Factory Edge Ramp

Yellow MALE MotoMat For Your Factory

£2.75 (ex VAT) Shop Now ▶
Italia Blue Factory
Skirting Board

Italia Blue Skirting Board For Your Factory

£6.99 (ex VAT) Shop Now ▶
Gulf Orange Factory Skirting
Trim Inserts

Gulf Orange Factory Trim Inserts For Your Factory

£0.99 (ex VAT) Shop Now ▶

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