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Garage Flooring

Garage floor tiles

Heavy Duty Interlocking Floor Tiles

Looking to kick things up a notch with your garage flooring or whether you're moving into a new place with your first garage. Equip your garage with these essentials to make your space unique and more of a productive area.

MotoLock tiles create floors that are resistant to abrasion, impact and the penetration of liquids including oils, solvents, etc. and that withstand heavy traffic. MotoLock tiles will take the high compression loads found in garages while the neat design is suitable for showing off your garage space or car showroom. The tiles can be laid quickly and easily on any reasonably smooth and level concrete base creating ready-for-use, dust-free, anti-skid surfaces. No special preparation of the existing floor is required to remove blemishes like oil spatter, cracks and minor surface irregularities prior to laying the tiles.

Choose from a range of colours and in a Diamond Plate or Cointop pattern. Add the finishing touches to your garage with matching edge ramps, skirting and trims. Black and Grey versions of MotoLock manufactured from recycled PVC material are available at a lower price than the new PVC material tiles.

Recycled tiles have a more matt appearance than the ones made from new PVC and some colour flecks are evident from the recycled PVC. However, design, fit and performance are the same as the standard MotoLock tile and they interlock with the new PVC MotoLock colour tiles or ramps for adding coloured edges or making floor patterns.

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Best Selling Garage Floor Tiles

Black Recycled Diamond Plate
Garage Tiles

Black Floor Tile For Your Garage

£6.39 (ex VAT) Shop Now ►

Electric Blue Diamond Plate
Garage Tiles

Electric Blue Floor Tile For Your Garage

£8.75 (ex VAT) Shop Now ►

Mid Grey Recycled Cointop
Garage Tiles

Grey Recycled Floor Tile For Your Garage

£6.59 (ex VAT) Shop Now ►

Orange Diamond Plate
Garage Tiles

Orange Floor Tile For Your Garage

£8.75 (ex VAT) Shop Now ►

Tools and Information For Your Garage Flooring

DIY Floor Designer

Check out MotoLock Floor Designer Tool

A layout planner tool for MotoLock Heavy Duty Tiles. Each square on the grid represents one MotoLock tile.

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Cost Calculator

Calculator The Total Cost Of Your Garage Floor Space

Calculate the cost of your garage floor project. Just input your garage floor dimensions and get an estimated total cost

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How To Install Your Garage Floor Tiles

How To Install The MotoLock Product From Mototile

A guide to installing your garage flooring using the MotoLock product.

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Finishing Touches To Your Garage

Italia Blue Gym
Skirting Board

Italia Blue Skirting Board For Your Garage

£6.99 (ex VAT) Shop Now ▶
JPS Gold Garage
Trim Inserts

JPS Gold Trim Inserts For Your Garage

£0.99 (ex VAT) Shop Now ►

Mid Grey Garage Recycled
Diamond Plate Ramp

Mid Grey Recycled Diamond Plate Ramp Edge For Your Garage

£3.75 (ex VAT) Shop Now ►

Yellow Diamond Plate
Garage Ramp

Yellow Diamond Plate Ramp Edge For Your Garage

£4.95 (ex VAT) Shop Now ►

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