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PVC Skirting & Trim

Our skirting can be used with Seamless, Motolock or Mototmat tiles to provide a neat floor edge.

Can be used for general rot-proof skirting requirements.

Skirting Dimensions:  Length 2500mm  Height 100mm

Trim Inserts, 2500mm long, matched to the skirting colour, are included in the skirting price.

Instead of the matching colour trim inserts supplied with the skirting you can opt for contrasting colour inserts.
These are available in most tile colours, at a cost of £1.19 each (includes vat).

PVC Skirting
PVC Skirting
Rot-proof, solid colour PVC provides a detail finish - indoors or out - to your floor project.
Skirting Trim Inserts
Skirting Trim Inserts
Customise skirting by replacing the supplied trim with an inexpensive contrasting colour trim insert.